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Regardless of where you live in British Columbia or the type of home or office you live or work in, there is a roof protecting you, your business, your family and your possessions. And even if you have not heard of the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC), there is an excellent chance that you are sitting under a roof installed by one of our professional roofing contractor members.

Currently, RCABC members and their well-trained and highly skilled employees, install three out of every four roofs in the industrial, commercial and institutional construction sectors in BC. RCABC members are also very active in the residential sector including multi-residential and strata developments.

upcoming EVENTS

RCABC Presentation
Roofing Condition Assessment for Property Managers
January 21, 2015
1-2:30 pm
1066 West Hastings Street, Vancouver - Oceanic Plaza Hastings Room 
This event is open to all Property Managers and Council Members

RCABC Exhibiting at
Buildex - February 25-26, 2015 


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RPM Online
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