March 19, 2020


At an unprecedented time like this, communicating your situation to us is more important than ever. We are asking you to keep us informed by filling out the COVID-19 Virtual Hotline Survey. Together, with the BC Construction Association and the 3 other Regional Construction Associations of BC, we are gathering feedback and questions on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the construction industry.

The input will be monitored each day and a team of industry experts has been formed to support us in our response to you and to government:

  • Canadian Construction Association
  • BC Ministry of Finance
  • Partnerships BC
  • CBRE Ltd
  • Council Of Construction Associations
  • BCCA Employee Benefit Trust
  • WorkSafeBC
  • BC Construction Safety Alliance
  • Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP
  • Myers Norris Penny (MNP)
  • Pace Communications
  • Jouta Performance
  • Group Wylie-Crump Ltd