There are currently 9 standing committees that serve in an advisory capacity to the RCABC Board of Directors. Committee chairs are appointed, as required, by the RCABC Board of Directors at the beginning of each year. Ad hoc committees may be established, as required, by Board resolution.

If you  would like to become a member of one of the standing committees, please email Renea Koppen, Director of Member Services at RCABC [email protected]

Accepted Observer Committee

Receives and evaluates applications for Accepted Inspection Firms and Accepted Inspectors. Monitors the probationary status of Accepted Inspection Firms and Inspectors.
Committee Chair: Kristopher Plumridge

Associates Committee

The purpose of this committee is to identify issues of common concern among the Associate Members and to make recommendations to the RCABC Board of Directors for resolution. Acts as one voice for the betterment of the roofing industry and communicates broadly with all associate members to encourage open dialogue.
Committee Chair: Blair Bennett

Education & Training Committee

Facilitates direct contact between RCABC and the roofing industry, including advising on required training in the roofing industry, evaluating the content of all courses offered through the RCABC training centre, and monitoring the apprenticeship program.
Committee Chair: Chris Bourgault

Entertainment Committee

Recommends and coordinates social events on behalf of the members, including the RCABC Annual Golf Tournament, the Roofers Reindeer Rampage and other social networking opportunities.
Committee chair: Steve Schulz

Ethics Committee

Investigates claims and/or grievances against members or inspectors and recommends appropriate action to the RCABC in cases of unethical conduct.

Membership Committee

Receives and evaluates applications for Active and Associate membership and makes recommendations to the RCABC Board of Directors. Monitors probationary status of members and changes in status due to change of ownership.
Committee Chair: Dan Gregorowich

Board Development Committee

Considers and recommends by report to the members, a slate of candidates for Active and Associate Director positions.

Roofing Industry Safety Council

Provides information and recommendations to the RCABC Board of Directors on occupational safety and health issues that affect members of the roofing and related industries. Reviews current OH&S incidents and exposures and recommends corrective action. Engages with industry organizations having regulatory or oversight responsibilities in occupational health and safety.
Council Chair: Chris Smith

Technical Committee

Reviews and recommends proposed changes to roofing practices in BC. Reviews applications for approved material acceptance for the RoofStar Guarantee Program.
Liaises with affiliated technical committees. Supports the Ethics Committee with technical expertise in cases of disputes under the guarantee program.
Committee Chair: Glenn Bollman