Join Us. You’ll be in good company.

When you are an RCABC member, you will be part of a network of companies dedicated to the highest standard of roofing practices in the province. Our members use only the best roofing materials, employ the most highly trained workers and are the only roofing contractors that can provide the RoofStar guarantee on labour and materials.

Active Member (Roofing Contractor)

Application Fee $3,800
Initiation Fee $25,000
Annual Dues $1,450

An Active Member is a corporation that is actively engaged as a roofing contractor in British Columbia.

Criteria for membership

  • Satisfy the RCABC Board of Directors that the owners and key management are of good repute and passess honesty, integrity and financial responsibility.
  • Have an experienced management team; the owners and/or key management and operational employees must have been actively engaged in roofing contracting in Canada for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $5,000,000.
  • Be located in a commercially zoned property or a property that can be lawfully used for commercial purposes.
  • Provide a “Consent of Surety” from a bonding company to issue a $250,000 surety bond in the name of RCABC.
  • Must have maintained BCCSA Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification for two consecutive years and have successfully completed a third party audit within that 2 year period prior to application.
  • Employ no less than 2 Red Seal or TQ roofing journeypersons and no less than 1 Red Seal or TQ architectural sheet metal or sheet metal journeypersons that are full time employed and actively working in the field.
  • Must have a fully functioning metal shop including the minimum of a slitter and an 8′ brake.
  • Be sponsored by a current RCABC roofing contractor member.

Associate Member (Supplier/Manufacturer)

Initiation Fee $2,000
Annual Dues $2,000

Associate Membership is for companies that are actively engaged in the supply, manufacture or distribution of roofing application materials to roofing contractors in British Columbia.

Criteria for membership

  • Have an experienced management team and experience in manufacturing or supplying to the roofing industry
  • Satisfy the RCABC Board of Directors that the principals and key employees are of good repute and possess honesty, integrity and financial responsibility
  • Be able to provide technical support in BC for their materials or services
  • May not act as a contractor to bid roofing jobs and cannot perform as brokers to secure labour for roofing jobs
  • Material manufacturers must have at least one product that can be accepted into the classifications currently listed in the RoofStar Guarantee program in order to be eligible for membership

Membership applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee four times per year.
The deadlines for submitting an application for the second half of 2017 are June 1st and October 1st.

If you would like additional information regarding membership, please contact
Renea Koppen, Director of Member Services –