Reputable CONTRACTORS: RCABC member contractors are pre-screened, experienced and bonded – with service standards that are second-to-none. You can trust you’re working with the best in BC!

Well-trained INSTALLERS: Training is the backbone of RCABC – which means guaranteed experience and technical expertise for your project.

Only the best MATERIALS: go on your roof because our technical team researches, monitors and documents performance based on all climates and geographical regions of the province.

Independent INSPECTIONS: a 3rd party, independent inspector who has met the strict
RCABC qualifications will monitor the installation, provide follow-up inspections at predetermined levels and work on your behalf to ensure things are done right from square one.

A guarantee is only as strong as the organization behind it: RCABC – The Roofing Contractors Association of BC. Built on a foundation of technical expertise, financial strength, and 50 plus years of dedicated research, RCABC has guaranteed thousands of roofs. Doing it right the first time is our guarantee of sustainability. And should anything go wrong, your investment is backed by RCABC and the best team of professional roofing contractors in BC.

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