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The RoofStar guarantee is the most comprehensive roofing and waterproofing guarantee available in British Columbia. Available exclusively through RCABC roofing contractor members, the RoofStar guarantee provides building owners with the assurance that quality materials will be installed to specific, industry-leading standards by professional roofing contractors.

The RoofStar guarantee was built on high standards, accepted materials and the requirement for observations of the roofing application by independent observation firms. The RoofStar guarantee is backed by both the contractor and the RCABC Guarantee Corp, ensuring a true, third party guarantee.

As an added protection to building owners, a RoofStar guarantee ensures that if, during the term of the guarantee, the roofing contractor is no longer active in business, RCABC Guarantee Corp. will assume full responsibility for the guarantee term as specified on the guarantee certificate.

Ultimately, the best guarantee is the one you never have to use.


  • Proven application standards to which all RCABC roofing contractor members must adhere
  • A comprehensive materials acceptance process that ensures that only high quality, proven materials are installed
  • Standards that are under constant review with update to members, owners and specifying authorities
  • Comprehensive review of roofing applications by independent observation firms who remain impartial by dealing at “arms length” with both the roofing contractor and the owner
  • Observations are performed at stated intervals: pre-start, during the course of construction and upon completion
  • Subsequent performance reviews occur at year two with the 5-Year RoofStar guarantees, at 2, 5 and 8 years with the 10-Year RoofStar guarantee and at 2, 5, 8 and 12 with the 15-Year RoofStar guarantee
  • Coverage of both workmanship and RCABC accepted materials for the term of the guarantee
  • A simple, responsive claims process to initiate repairs quickly and efficiently, anywhere in BC
  • The best roofing contractors in the industry, insured, bonded, and safety certified
  • Well trained, ticketed journeyperson installers

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