March 22, 2020

To all members and stakeholders;

Today the provincial government released additional safety standards for construction sites. For expediency I’m getting this info to you by forwarding the VRCA email which contains links to the appropriate documents.

It is critical that these guidelines are followed to ensure workers are safe and construction sites stay open.

On Wednesday, I expect to have a Safety Site Assessment tool for COVID-19 completed and available for members, which will take into consideration today’s guidelines.

Also, if you have crews required to self-quarantine, remember, you can reach out to other RCABC members either directly or through the Association to help get projects completed.

These guidelines are an indication of the Provinces willingness to keep construction sites open. If you have questions, please call me at your convenience.


Bryan L. Wallner
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia


Dear member,

The provincial government has just released additional safety guidance for construction companies to manage their sites during COVID-19. All companies in the industry must follow these requirements to ensure the utmost protection of their workers, their families and our communities.

Download: Guidance to construction sites operating during COVID-19

All construction companies and their employees must read and abide by these rules effective immediately in order to reduce the spread of this virus.

As individuals, we can each do our part by washing our hands often, by practicing “social distancing” and by staying home when sick. If you require guidance on whether you need further assessment or testing for COVID-19, please see the Ministry of Health self-assessment tool.

If you have questions regarding the above, please call myself at 604.293.6585 or David Weir, Manager, Industry and Government Relations at 604.293.6589.


Fiona Famulak