April 22, 2020

Scott Construction Group has partnered with ITC Construction Group to launch the #LunchBoxChallenge to support local restaurants while also protecting the health of its employees during COVID-19. The idea of the #LunchBoxChallenge is simple: construction companies buy lunches locally for their sites and nominate another company to do the same.

Check it out!

And for good measure BCCA and their Construction Month co-sponsors will send a crew care package of 20 t-shirts, pens and hard hat stickers to every contractor who accepts the challenge and let’s them know by tagging #builtright or #ConstructionMonth in their #LunchBoxChallenge social media posts (while supplies last).

Getting in the LunchBoxChallenge is easy. #BuyLocal lunches for a job site & nominate another company to do the same. #PhysicalDistancing, #Handwashing, & eliminating cross-contamination are most important. Don’t share pizzas, salads, condiments, or cutlery & napkin stacks, etc. Keep food individually contained. Distribute with physical distancing & clean hands only. Let’s keep local restaurants afloat!! Buy your team a #LocalLunch & challenge your peers!