September 22, 2020


In order to help educate decision-makers about the unique context of a typical construction site (multiple changing variables) and the value of PPE (in particular hard hats), we created a short video and sourced another for information. We are hoping that this medium will help covey the context and importance of safety headgear and our industry’s commitment to honouring religious freedom.  The Sikh Community is a tremendous contributor the Construction sector and we are committed to finding an answer that works for all.  To accomplish this, we interviewed two Indo Canadian workers to solicit their perspectives on the matter.

The videos show clearly the significant dangers that are present on a construction site and that “safety” and “religious freedom” can coexist effectively.

We ask that you take the time to watch both short videos.

The first video was made at a recent Ledcor worksite in Surrey and includes interviews from the Sikh workforce (9:24) –

The second video demonstrates the value of a hard hat through a creative field experiment (4:42) –

Additionally, here is an editorial posted by the BCCSA THE IMPORTANCE OF SAFETY HEADGEAR IN CONSTRUCTION