The Plus5 Program

Many building owners love the peace of mind offered by the RoofStar Guarantee, but what happens when that guarantee period expires? The prospect of a roof with no coverage is unsettling. That’s why RCABC launched the Plus5 Program in 2016 – to offer additional protection to existing RoofStar Guarantee customers.

Under the Plus5 Program, qualifying building owners have the opportunity to purchase an additional five years of guarantee coverage, including all the normal features of the RoofStar product. But it gets even better! In addition to the guarantee coverage, Plus5 customers will also receive money back, applied directly to ongoing regular preventative maintenance on the roof during the additional five years. Owners not only get the peace and security of the RCABC proven guarantee but also necessary maintenance of the roof to ensure its long life and dependability.

This product is currently being offered to selected qualifying building owners only. To learn more about our Plus5 Program and how you can qualify, contact us at [email protected].

Roofstar Guarantee


  • Five additional years of rain and waterproofing coverage, purchased directly from RCABC
  • A pre-coverage inspection of the roof to ensure eligibility for the program
  • A maintenance rebate applied directly to ongoing regular maintenance of the roof during the coverage period
  • Regular maintenance that extends the service life of most roofs
  • Maintenance service by RCABC member companies to ensure you get only the best
  • A simple, responsive claims process to handle repairs quickly and efficiently, anywhere in BC

Contact [email protected] for more information about Plus5!